Deliver your message beautifully.

Design_Page_Image2Do you write instructional guides?

Do you share written materials with your clients?

Are worksheets part of how you help people?

Do you share PDFs by download or email?

Do you have an opt-in offer on your website?


I am your designer.


What a little design does for you:ProfilePic3

  • Get your message across fully. Keep readers engaged all the way to the end.
  • Give your people a pleasing experience as they take in your content. They won’t want to look away.
  • Package your message in the best way possible. Make your content shine.
  • Show your customers you care about them too much to push them into a wall of text.
  • Offer one more indicator to your clients or subscribers that you are an expert, a total pro.

Deliver your message beautifully.

Some of My Favorite Clients

  • Rob Young – Rob wanted to create an opt-in offer for his website, The Hundred Dollar Club. We created an 80-page ebook in which club members told their stories, giving people an introduction to what THDC is all about.
  • Nate Cooper & Gina Noy – Gina is a CPA who does speaking engagements as a way to educate people and connect with potential clients. When she spoke at Nate’s event, Nate had the idea to create a book from her speech. From a video, we created a 20-page interactive workbook to introduce key accounting principles to new entrepreneurs.
  • Karen Marston – Karen runs a successful online course, via email and a Facebook group, for budding freelance writers. She wanted to take her course materials to the next level.
  • Jim Hopkinson – Jim wanted to enhance the opt-in offer for his website, Salary Tutor. We created a 2-page PDF to introduce people to Salary Tutor with a round-up of resources they can use today to get paid what they’re worth.
  • Garth Hughes – Garth offers a subscription service for a niche market. His clients are often big companies. By pulling content from his website, we created a 2-page PDF that managers could take their bosses to communicate the benefits of his subscription service.
  • Gretchen Behnke – Yes, I am my own client. I offer strategy consulting services to microbusiness. But I also wanted to offer a DIY option. I created two do-it-yourself interactive workbooks for creating a vision and developing a complete business strategy. See some samples from my project right here ↓

Who I Serve Best

  • You know what you’re talking about. Your message is clear. You know what you want to say, and you’re probably already saying it quite effectively. You’re looking to deliver it even more beautifully – by design.
  • You have content already created and are happy with how it’s working.
  • Your content consists primarily of words. And you want to enhance these words with colors, fonts, borders, callout boxes, pull quotes.
  • You want to offer your clients guides or workbooks that are 1-30 pages long. Longer doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not right for this service, I would just want to ask you a few more questions!
  • You prefer to deliver your documents in PDF format, so that they are easily viewed from a browser, or Acrobat Reader, and not so easily tampered with.
  • You dig my aesthetic. The designs you see (including everything on this website itself – my own work) tend toward clean and modern. Everything I do is custom but it’s never going to be too frilly or overworked. That resonates with you.
  • You believe, as I do, that your message should take center stage.


Sound Like You? Here's what I can do for you:

  • Make your plain Word or Google doc into a gorgeous PDF. You give me the text, I tackle the design: layout, colors, fonts, bullets, links, callout boxes, pull quotes, and more. All the cool stuff that enhances your message without overshadowing it.
  • Make your video presentation into a living document. Some people learn best by listening, others by reading. Give your people both! Includes transcription from video and content editing (since we never use perfect grammar when we speak), plus design elements above.
  • Make an interactive workbook. Get your customers or subscribers fully immersed in your content with interaction. Have them type in answers, select preferences, or tick off checkboxes as part of their experience in your oh-so-pleasant-to-look-at PDF.

What I Don’t Do

  • I’m not really a creator of ebooks, per se. (Although, I know that word has many meanings.) If you’ve written a full-on nonfiction book or a novel or even a long story, and are looking to publish it electronically, I’m not your gal. There are plenty of services out there ready to format your book for epub, Kindle, etc.
  • Edit your photos or create intricate graphics. I do, however, happily accept ready-to-use photos and graphics to insert into your final document.
  • Guide you through selling your stuff on Amazon or any other medium.


My Experience Helps Me Help You

  • Journalism degree – Because, grammar.
  • MBA – If your topic is about business, I probably know something about it.
  • Graphic Design certificate – InDesign and Illustrator are my faves.
  • Many years of diverse work experience – Advertising, Finance, IT, Management, Digital Marketing, Business Strategy, International Business, Graphic Design, Consulting. Seriously.
  • Hobbies – Calligraphy, Sketchnoting, Yoga, Craft Cocktails (That’s a hobby, right?)